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Quality education has been the pinpoint of  discussion   for intellectuals, thinkers and educationists since the creation of Pakistan. The importance of education in the present century in which knowledge has replaced wealth, information has controlled weapons and the world focus is centered on the know-nots instead of have-nots, cannot be questioned.

Among all human sciences and tracks of education, language comes first. In the extreme situation of educational crisis in Pakistan, many institutions have sprung up for the teaching of language to provide solutions to linguistic problems. These institutions have very well been playing their part in the language arena for the welfare of the nation and in ornamenting the budding flowers with certain linguistic skills, but a typical dearth is felt in all of these centers of learning. They have been using either traditional or modern approaches. They lay stress on either speaking or grammar development. They have the students either cram up the built-in sentences for daily-use or exhaust their energies in extensive translation fatigue. Their classroom atmosphere is either totally active with no rest of peace or passive like wood. Here, UCAS makes a difference.

NEO was established by Naeem Educational Organization (NEO – an organization striving for the prevalence of literacy in Pakistan) for the production of honest, cultivated, qualified and committed communicators. It offers the learners multi-faceted, future-oriented and practical language learning in the social, business, technical and every-day context of a challenging environment. UCAS is committed to harmonious development of a learner’s intellectual, spiritual and linguistic faculties. Thus we humanize learning targeting the actual theoretical, practical and conceptual needs of our learners in the actual context of society making them not good learners, but good human beings.

For my message today, I believe that the Muslims never required such great communicators for the prevalence of Islam in the present doubting century as ever before. Islam needs the youth who can release certain complications attached to Islam with their communicative abilities. I, sincerely, believe that we must be equipped with linguistic and intellectual tools in order to put across our message. So I welcome all those who chose to study Language and Arts at UCAS and wish them success.


Muhammad Naeem


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