A Critical Plan

Follow the steps given below :
1.   Make a prose statement of the passage set in the exami­nation.
2.   Explain the development of the ideas in it ; Structure of the Poem.
3.   Who is the protagonist ?
4.   What is the tone ?
5.   Take note of the diction—what kinds of words are used? Do they refer to some particular area of meaning? Do they create any ascendant or descendant progression ? Are they helpful in creating the musical effect ? Do the sounds match with the nature of the feelings expressed? Is the language simple or obstructs in understanding ?
6.   Figures of speech. Ironical Contrasts, Simile, Metaphor.
7.   Versification or Rhyming : the assonance pattern of lines—onomatopoetic effect. Rhyme Scheme.
8.   Final Evaluation.

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