NEO Corporate English Training

What is Corporate English Training?
Corporate English Training (CET) is effective customized in-house EnglishTraining Courses and Workshops for your staff. NeoEnglish System can help you save time and money by providing these corporate courses at your work place. These courses include Spoken English, Written English, Communication Skills, Business English, Presentation Skills and Conducting Meetings. Our enjoyable skill based courses presented at your office will increase your productivity and profits.
Why Corporate English Training?
Effective English communication can make the difference in your Business and Personality. Poor communication can lose a sale or unintentionally offend a client.  To be successful in business world today, it is imperative to communicate effectively, using the world’s business language, English. Today, English is essential to make deals, develop relationships, expand business, and make decisions. So, experience language training with NEO without the travel expenses and time away from the home or your office.

NEO Approach and Courses
We tailor learning programs to meet the goals of your organization. These are Group as well as Individual Courses. In Group Courses, class size is usually very small (6 – 8 Students) so students can receive individual attention.  Because of the small class sizes, each student has ample time to practice speaking. Small-Group Class is the most efficient way to rapidly improve your English standard. You can choose which courses you want to study or allow us to make your Language Needs Analysis and suggest a tailored course for you. Click Here to CHOOSE some private COURSES!
Why NEO for Corporate English Training?
Unlike some other institutions, all my courses are tailored to your specific needs, so you can be sure that you get your value for money. I carry out Oral and paper assessment covering Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation. Courses are then individually developed for either the individual staff member or staff group. My English lessons are varied and interesting and cover all areas from social Conversational English, Business presentation skills, and Business meeting skills, Interview skills, Effective English business writing, Pronunciation, Intonation, Vocabulary and Grammar. I can provide training at your office so contact for REGISTRATION.
Courses and Pricing:
Speaking and Presentation Skills
(Special Emphasis on Pronunciation)
4 – Week Intensive Training (5 – 8 Clients)
5000 Per Head
(1: 30 Hours Session) 
4 – Week Training
Writing Skills (Special Emphasis on Grammar and Vocabulary)
4 – Week Intensive Training (5 – 8 Clients)
5000 Per Head
(1: 30 Hours Session)
4 – Week Training
English Communication Skills
(Spoken and Written Communication with special emphasis on Grammar and Pronunciation
6 – Week Intensive Training (5 – 8 Clients)
6000 Per Head
(1: 30 Hour Session)
6 – Week Training
Pay Online via a Secure Payment System or Bank Transfer etc.
* Reduced Pricing Available for Continuous and Multi-Trainings
Progress and Certificates
We keep students and employers updated with progress reports every step of the way.
Thus, your staff will master English faster with a targeted speaking program than in a traditional classroom of textbook learning. Your training costs will be quickly offset by gains you experience to your bottom line through increased sales, communication between all levels of staff. Finally, you get a certificate for your completion of the English Language Program.
Corporate English Success
STOP Wasting Time and START Speaking English Successfully. The English language is the acceptable language through out the world.  Being comfortable and confident in English conversations is essential for millions of people and their career.
  • Do you need to speak English well in all Life Situations?
  • Are you having difficulty speaking English fluently?
  • Do you have difficulty in an English conversation?
Maybe the way you learned isn’t helping you now. You need a change. So, what is wrong?  You have learned English in school, yet you remain uncomfortable and maybe embarrassed in your English Conversations and Presentations. So, you know a lot of vocabulary and some grammar too, but you are not fluently and spontaneous. Why aren’t you comfortable and confident in your day-to-day Business English conversations?
You can become a successful English speaker, with the proper learning method. There are 5 key factors you must  know to truly become a comfortable and confident Business English speaker. I call these factors “NEO Five Sectrets to Master Spoken English”. You can download it here:
What Do I want to achieve in you?
  • I want you to be a confident English speaker.
  • I want you to become a fluent English speaker.
  • I want to help you learn English.
  • Let me teach you the 5 Laws for English Success.
  • I will send you audio and video lessons.
I guarantee my “NeoMethod” will change your entire outlook and understanding of how to learn to become a comfortable and confident English speaker. You will want to change your way of learning English.
Contact Us Now
Contact us right away. Please mention your company name and the responsible person when contacting us. Or give me a call to get a Personalized English Course for your staff.
Phone : 0300-4422594

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