Choose your New Year Resolutions (2011)

New Year is generally understood as starting of a new chapter of one’s life. People make resolutions by taking stock of their lives and resolving to be better ones. Socrates, the great Greek philosopher, is reported to have said that unexamined life is not worthy of living and it is almost a tradition with the sensible people to take stock of their life and to resolve to be better people, at the start of the new year. Islam lays greater stress on Contemplation. Thought and Action are two important elements of Islamic Philosophy so choose your resolutions deliberately because Thinking Makes Reality.

1.  I Will Form Good Habits and Become Their Slave…
Habits make the difference between success and failure. If I am to be a slave to my habits, I must be slave to Good Habits…I will make good habits and become their slave.

2.  I Will Greet Each Day with Love and my Heart…
Because people may detest my dress, my language or my color but they can never resist my love. There’s no weapon greater than love in the world.

3. I Will Persist Until I Succeed…
People are born to succeed, not fail. There will be no word as ‘Failure’ in my mental dictionary. Yet every failure will bring me closer to my aim. I know that failure will never overtake me if my determination is succeed is strong enough.

4. I Will Believe in Myself…
Because I am Nature’s greatest miracle. There’s none like me. I am unique. No animal, no human being, no machine can compete with me. Others are there whom I respect but I am unique in my own way.

5. I Will Live Each Day As if It Were my Last…
Because there’s no yesterday, there is no tomorrow. For me, there’s only NOW. NOW is what I have. NOW is enough for me. I will act now and help some body now if he needs me because there’s no tomorrow. I will act now to show what I am. Thousands of times I have proved my worth but it means nothing if I cannot prove it now. For me present is more important. If I have to complete my test, I will do it now. If some body needs my love, I will show it now…

6. I Will be the Master of my Emotions…
Nothing remains permanent. There’s winter after every summer, there’s light after every dark and there is happiness after every sadness.  I will control my emotions. I will not be too sad or too happy. If I am sad, I will think that this shall pass. If I am too happy, I will think about the misery in the world. I will live in the balance. I will control my emotions to balance my thoughts.

7.  I Will Laugh at the World…
We have forgotten to laugh. We have become so used to crying and weeping that we miss our moments of joy. No, from now on, I will laugh at the world because there are so many good things around. I will laugh If I am struck with some pain because pain cannot last longer. I will laugh at myself if I make any mistakes. In this way, my troubles will lighter. I know laughter is the secret of long life.

8.  I Will Increase my Vision…
I will increase my vision because there is so much in the world. I will quit deficiency mentality and believe there’s so much to attain now. What I have become is not enough, there’s still more to achieve. I will set goals for future action because there’s no limit to excellence in life. If I have achieved my dreams I will see more dreams and achieve them.

9. I Will be a Man of Action rather a Man of Thought…
Yes, I know thinking is important for action but all thinking, planning and dreaming is useless without action. So I Will Act. I will be a man of action. I will not stay constantly in my thoughts. I want to succeed. If I don’t act, failure will succeed but I don’t want failure to succeed. I want myself to succeed so what should I do?  I Will Act, I Shall Act and I must Act because action is the only thing that produces results.

10.  I Will Pray…
I do what I can and If things don’t go well, I will turn to God for help and Guidance. I will cry before God, I will pray for success. I will pray to God because only HE can show me the right path and give me proper guidance.

Whatever your resolutions may be. Try to include the above resolutions in your list of New Year Resolutions.

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