Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practical Techniques


NLP is Physiology of Excellence – Sir Naeem

If you feel shy, nervous and frozen, you need NLP. Our body reflects the way we feel. Your shoulders go down in despair and up in excitement. Your body reflects how you feel. If you learn to control you body, you can control the way you feel.  You can turn the negative feelings into positive ones.  We all behave the way we do out of habit. But it is not just habit; you can learn to control the habit by inducting more productive habits.  
A prisonered pianist who has been locked away for ten years, with no access to piano, as soon as he is released, he sat down to play the piano as if he has been doing it all the time. When asked how he is able to do that. He said, ‘I have been practicing with my hands and head, but I had no piano’. In other words, he developed the habit so well that he could practice it on the desk, or table or whatever. It becomes a habit that he carries on. With or without piano.  Thus once habits are learnt, they can be accessed quickly and fast.  Think of a particular behavior that you would like to change and with exercises, you can form habits.

1.      Don’t think just do it!
Sit in a comfortable chair and raise your right arm to your shoulder height. Now lower it again. Now this time. Don’t raise it but try to raise it… take it up as if you are trying to take it up. You feel difference between trying to do something and actually doing it. This time, I want you to turn your head slowly to the left, stay for 10 seconds or more. And now relax, bring it where it was.  Now try to do it. Don’t actually do it, but try to do it. Simply try to do it. Thus you see as soon as you try to do it, you actually start doing it. So, next time, don’t try to do things, but Do it! When you want to do something, take actions, don’t think about it!
2.      Body Talk!

Have you ever thought of a behavior that you would like to improve on or be better-off? Remind yourself what it is for a moment. Suppose you want to talk to some body, but you feel shy think how this ability of yours makes you feel? Visualize it and crystallize your feelings. Stand up and keep this feeling in your mind. Feel exactly as you feel and behave exactly as you behave when this feeling approaches. What does your body do in this situation? Think about the way you stand, how you hold you head, wear your feet off? What are your arms, imagine how you hold you arms. Are they crossed? Or are they by your sides. Feel that feeling! Put you body exactly in that shape that it assumes when that situation. Stand exactly as you stand! Place your feet where naturally they go! How do you feel now? Is it uncomfortable? Is you posture bad? Is your bent? Analyze the way you are standing. Shake yourself  loose again! Sit back in a comfortable chair.  And relax for ten seconds! Fantastic! Now go and assume that uncomfortable position as before. Very Good! Now sit again in the comfortable position!
3.      Turning Negative into Positive

Remind how you felt in the bad uncomfortable situation! And how you felt in the comfortable position and how you felt in the uncomfortable position! Let’s turn negative into positive. Stand up again in the uncomfortable position and as soon as you are ready, then Stand up, shoulders high, stand up straight, chest out, looking straight ahead! Notice what happens to your arms and legs when you took this positive position. Hold your arm up and make a fist. Very good! Shake yourself loose again and sit down! Relax for a few seconds! Remember what it felt like when you changed the body position. When assumed the positive posture, you felt powerful and energetic. Remember what it felt like, you felt better, you feel powerful. Keep this feeling for a few seconds! Thus you can change the way you feel simply by changing your body posture!
4.      Finding Neutral Grounds
Sit in a chair and think of some pleasant memory to clear your head. Think of some dream holiday or some better image in your mind! Close your eyes and see with what you want to see! Visualize a good image! Say the name of this special place or person four or five times. Think of some activity you might enjoy doing. May be one that you look forward to, may being painting, speaking English. The activity should be one that you are confident and secured of. One you are good at doing before other people. You are doing terrific! Say how did you feel when you involved in your favorite activity. You had joy and confidence! These two sets of feelings: one of place and the other of activity will keep you balance!
5.      The NPN Equations: Negative Positive Negative
We are going to identify a negative stage and then a positive stage and neutral stage quickly. Stand and put yourself in an uncomfortable position. Try to make it as realistic and uncomfortable as you can! Stay in this position until you feel that negative feeling starting swelling out inside you. Move in your positive position and keep this position until you feel positive feelings rising within you. Let the happiness and delight fill you body and mind so that you learn how good you feel. Switch between these positions so that you learn how to quickly change your behavior and get ready for action in real life situations. If you cannot do it very well. You can always go and do the exercises again!
Before you do any thing else, smile. This course will help your life a little better, Do it whatever it takes. Don’t worry it is your life. Think of some behaviors and things you feel hard to accomplish, and then change these feelings into positive by changing your body positions. Imagine yourself in that position and say how you feel. Think of the body positions that it forces you to adopt and say how you feel and then decide how you would like to feel. Trying to find that feeling and transform your body positions. As soon as you start feeling bored or tense, change your body positions. Once you get this habit like the pianist you will never forget it…

…Your body talks to you holding up a physical mirror that reflects your feeling, as soon as learn to identify the signs, you can change the way you behave and take back control of your life…


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