O Levels English Revised Syllabus 2011

Cambridge O Level English Language Syllabus code 1123
General Information
  1. Paper 1 (Writing) is 1:30 One and Half Hours. MARKS: 60
  2. Tasks: Directed Writing and Creative Writing 30+30 Marks (Separate Answer Sheet) WORDS: 200–300 for Directed Writing and 350–500 for Creative Writing.
  3. Paper 2 (Reading) is 1:45 One Hour and Forty Minutes. MARKS: 50
  4. Tasks: Reading for Ideas and Reading for Meanings 25+25 (Attempt on the Question Paper)
  5. Marks Divisions (Paper-1) :  Directed Writing: 15 task fulfillment and 15 for language.  Creative Writing: 30 Language+Content Combined.
  6. Marks Divisions (Paper-2) Reading for Ideas: 15 for content points, 5 for summary and 5 for main ideas questions. Reading for Meaning: 25 content only.
  7. The long passage has been replaced with two passages in Paper 2 (Comprehension) One Factual and the Second Narrative
  8. The Writer Paper – 2 gives equal weighting to both Creative and Directed Writing
Paper 1: Writing

1 hour 30 minutes, 60 marks
This paper has two sections and candidates answer on a separate answer sheet.

Section 1: Directed Writing (30 marks)
• Candidates are presented with a task, e.g. write a letter, speech, report, article, fit for purpose and relevant to the world of study, work or community.
• Candidates should write 200–300 words to inform or persuade a particular audience.
• 15 marks are allocated for task fulfillment and 15 marks for language. There are only THREE Content Points…now

Section 2: Creative Writing (30 marks)
• This is an essay, testing language and content combined.
• Candidates answer one question from a choice of 5 narrative/descriptive/argumentative essay titles and should write 350–500 words.
Paper 2: Reading

1 hour 45 minutes, 50 marks
This paper has two sections and candidates answer on the question paper.
Section 1: Reading for Ideas (25 marks)
• Candidates scan a factual communication (or communications) of approximately 700 words – e.g. report(s), article(s), advertisement(s), email(s), letter(s).
• They identify and note down required information – e.g. similarities and differences, or causes and
effects, or advantages and disadvantages, or problems and solutions, or actions and consequences.
• 15 marks are allocated for content points.
• Candidates use these notes to write a summary of 160 words. 5 marks are allocated for language.
Candidates then answer questions on the main ideas in the communication(s) – e.g. follow an argument/sequence or identify a conclusion, distinguish fact from opinion, give personal response to a theme in the passage.
• These will be short answer questions worth 5 marks.
Section 2: Reading for Meaning (25 marks)
• Candidates read a narrative passage (e.g. report, article, story) of approximately 700 words.
• They then answer short answer questions testing their ability to understand the language (both explicit and implicit meanings).

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