TEIS – Test in English for International Students

The TEIS is a test of proficiency in English for Academic & General Purposes. It is designed to assess the language ability of those who want to study or work where English is the language of communication. It conforms to the highest international standards of language assessment.

Course Module:
TEIS consist of four modules Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

Structure of the Test
TEIS test English language proficiency in reading academic texts or general texts, listening to lectures or to academic discussion, and writing on academic or general topics. Each TEIS test contains a reading, listening, speaking and writing section. In addition, there is a multiple-choice test of language knowledge. The following is a course outline.
Writing Skills
· Describing and interpreting graphs, tables and charts
· Summarising data
· Discursive/argument type writing
· Organising ideas to develop an argument
· Providing relevant supporting examples for arguments
· Writing to argue, persuade, advise
Reading Skills
· Identifying main and supporting ideas
· Identifying opinions facts and bias
· Developing skimming, scanning and global reading skills
Speaking and Listening Skills
· Taking part in discussions
· Sustaining conversations
· Taking lecture notes
· Identifying topics of conversation
· Paraphrasing
· Fluency
· Grammar related to the above writing and speaking skills
· Identify areas of weakness
Results are sent directly to the candidate.
Preparing for TEIS
Students will get plenty of preparation for TEIS by attending lessons at local institutes. There are no books available specifically for TEIS. Using the sample paper available on the website is a good way to start preparing for the test. You can also prepare for TIES with NeoEnglish System so click here to REGISTER.
TEIS Validity and Reliability
TEIS (Test in English for International Students) is a test of aptitude in English for Academic Purposes & English for Immigration Purposes. It is designed to test whether a student has a high enough level of English for degree level studies in the UK, the USA, Canada & Australia. It is held at Britain’s Education Services centre and is mostly used by students who want to begin full time study at a University or College. However, any non-native user of English who needs evidence of their competence in English for entry to UK, USA, Canada & Australia can take the test.
International recognition:
TEIS is recognized for course admission by institutes and employers in many countries including the UK. It is also recognized by professional bodies, and the Border and Immigration Agency. TEIS is also on the recognized list of English Language tests for Tier 1 & Tier 2 of the Points Based System for the UK and is accepted by British High Commissions around the world. TEIS is also required as proof of your language ability for immigration to the UK. Test design The test is designed for non-native students of English to assess their language level. Content validity is an important feature of the TEIS exam. In the Reading papers, MCQ items assess candidates on their understanding of an appropriate level and style of English. Test items reflect the genre and style of language that candidates are likely to encounter in their future studies. It is recognised that students in different disciplines will encounter different genres of language. Writing test questions are designed to enable candidates to produce a large and representative sample of their writing for analysis, whilst minimizing the probability of memorized answers. 


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