Correct English Grammar: The Noun

Nouns are naming words. Some nouns are singular and plural but there are some, which look plural; but are used singularly and vice versa. Countable nouns are always singular and don’t take S,ES . Many collective nouns may be used singular or plural depending on the meaning intended.

Common English Rules: NOUN

1.      Words such as news, information, politics and mathematics are always singular.
2.      Cattle is plural and Fish or Deer are singular and plural alike.
4.      Collective nouns, when used as units, are singular; but otherwise plural.
5.      Pieces of garments and other pair nouns, such as trousers, tongs etc., are always plural.


1.      She has many informations.
2.      Poetries have their effects.
3.      He gave me many advices.
4.      The students had several works to do.
5.      He broke a news to me.

6.      A laughter is the best medicine.

7.      His whereabouts are not known.

She has much information.
Poetry has its effects.
He gave me much advice.
The students had much work to do.
He broke a piece of news to me.
Laughter is the best medicine or  A laugh is the best…
His whereabouts is not known.


1.      The cattle is walking after the shepherd.
2.      There are only six deers in this jungle.
3.      He caught only three fishes.

The cattle are walking the shepherd.
There are only six deer in this jungle.
He caught only three fish.


1.      Linguistics are a very interesting subject.
2.      Mathematics are very difficult.
3.      He failed economics because he is not interested in them.

Linguistics is a very interesting subject.
Mathematics is very difficult.
He failed in economics because he is not interested in it.


1.      The police is coming.
2.      How is your family?
3.      The team is working out.
4.      The majority of people in Pakistan are poor.

5.      What majority say, go here.

6.      The majority of students has failed.
7.      Majority have decided to boycott the elections.

The police are coming.
How are your family?
The team are working out.
The majority of people in Pakistan are poor/Most of the people in Pakistan are poor.
What majority says, goes here.
The majority of students have failed.
Majority has decided to boycott the elections.


1.      Where is my pant?
2.      The scissors is used for cutting cloth.
3.      The contents of this book is interesting.

Where are my pants?
The scissors are used for cutting cloth.
The contents of this book are interesting.

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