Correct English Grammar: Interjections

Usually no errors are associated with Interjections because they are isolated expressions and are preceded by a sentence. Interjections do use an exclamatory sign after them. The followings are the expressions:

Common English Rules

1.      Interjections of  happy emotions should represent happy events and vice versa.

1.      Bravo! You have done well.
2.      Hush! Don’t speak louder.
3.      What! I can’t understand.
4.      Why! where’s every one?
5.      Alas! I am undone.
6.      Well done! That ‘s a good attempt.
7.      Yahoo! We have won the game.
8.      Hurrah! The door is open.
9.      Good Gracious! What is he going to do?
10. O people! What happens to you?
11.  Ah! Where are the joys?
12.  What a pity! You are so careless.


1.      Yahoo! He has failed.
2.      Hush! Tell every body.
3.      What pity? His father is alive.

Alas! He has failed.
Hush! Don’t tell any body.
What a pity! His father is dead.


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