IELTS Practice Test: Listening Section 2

Listening Section
Section 2

Questions 1 and 2

Choose the correct letter A, B or C.
1 How far away is the nearest big town to Greenville?
A 10 kilometres
B 25 kilometres
C 500 kilometres

2 Which service came to the town recently?
A fire service
B medical service
C weather station
Questions 3 – 10
Complete the notes below.
Volunteer Storm Spotters
·         Need to 3 __________.  the weather station as soon as the storm has passed
·         Fill in a 4__________.  
·         Attach extracts from 5__________.  
What to report:
·         Hail which measures 6 __________.  across or larger
·         Wind damages e.g. 7__________.   that have been brought down.
·         Flooding caused by heavy rainfall
How do I become a volunteer?
• There will be a 8 __________.  day next month
• Contact local 9__________.   if you want to attend
• Important to sign up before 31st 10__________________. 
Answers1 C    2B
3 contact / call/telephone 4 report card  5 (local) (news) paper 6 two centimeters/ 2cm
7 large/big trees  8 training  9 police  10 October

IELTS Practice Test: Listening Test Section 1

IELTS Listening Test
Section – 1

Questions 1-3
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Which sport is the woman interested in?

A gymnastics
B swimming  
C tennis

1 How long is the heated pool?
A 15 metres    
B 25 metres   
C 50 metres
2 Which of these is free for all members?
A the beginners swimming class
B the training session
C the keep-fit class
Questions 4-10
Complete the notes below.

Yoga classes
• held on Monday  4 ____and ___mornings
• weekend evenings from 5 ____to  _____
• attend 6 _____per week
• see instructor to change 7 ___________ .
• cost £1.50
Meet John 8  ___________________
Office located on firs  floor
Meet at 9 ______________ tomorrow
Tel: 10 ________________.

Look at the following extracts from the conversation and underline the tenses that the speakers used.
1.       I’m wanting/want to do some sports activities.
2.      Our tennis team are always looking/always look for new people.
3.      Are members having to /Do members have to pay to use the pools?
4.      We’re not actually allowing/don’t actually allow anyone to book the swimming lanes or the gym equipment.
5.      What time is suiting / suits you?
6.      Great, well, I’m thinking / think that’s everything.
         Questions 1-3: multiple choice
         1 A   2 A  3 C
        Questions 4-10: notes completion
        4 Tuesday; Friday   
          5 6.00/six (pm); 7.30/seven thirty  7 levels/classes 8 Doherty   9 11:00/ eleven (am)   10 0117965478  

IELTS Practice Tests: Academic Listening Section 3

Academic Listening
Questions 1-3
Complete the sentences. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.
1 Solar towers create energy from moving__________.
2 The first ever recorded use of this type of energy was in the__________.
3 The location of the first solar tower was__________.

Questions 4-8
Complete the flowchart. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.
Solar tower flowchart
Towers are built using extra strong 4____________. At the bottom they have a sunlight collector made of 5 ____________
spread over a large area of ground.
The sunlight collector warms the air beneath it and operates in a similar way to a 6__________________________.
The air 7 __________.through the tower causing the turbines to turn.
The turbines create
8 _____________megawatts of electricity.

Questions 9 – 10

Circle TWO letters A-E.
What are TWO disadvantages of solar towers?

A they are too expensive to run
B heat escapes from the solar collector
C they require a great deal of land
D they cannot produce electricity at night
E they need to be able to withstand high winds

Answers: 1 (columns of) (hot) air
2 seventeenth/17th century  3 Spain  9 and 10 B, E in any order

IELTS Practice Tests: Listening Section 4

IELTS Listening
Section – 4

Questions 1-2
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.
1 Health club membership in Europe
A has reached 36 million.
B has declined in recent years.
C has followed a similar trend to America.
2 If people today ate the same amount as their parents did
A they would gain weight.
B they would have more energy.
C they would feel healthier.
Questions 3-4
Choose TWO letters A-E.
According to the speaker which TWO factors have contributed to the change in our fitness levels?
A availability of better food
B different working conditions
C labour-saving devices
D changes in healthcare
E diets which do not work
Question 5
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.
5 Which of the following machines has been available for less than ten years? 

                 A                                               B                                                 C

Questions 6 – 10 

Which exercise method do the following statements apply to?
A using an elliptical trainer
B running on the road
C using a treadmill
Write the correct letter A, B, or C next to Questions 6-10 below.
6 The impact on the body is more than twice your own body weight.
7 The impact on the body is almost the same as your own body weight. S It has the same impact on the body as walking does.
9 It is the best method for losing weight at speeds over 14 kph. 10 It has the highest impact on the joints.

Answers:  1 C    2A    3 B    4 C    5 B  6 C    7A    8 A    9B    10 B

IELTS Practice Test: Listening Section 4

IELTS Listening
Section – 4
Questions 1-10
Complete the summary below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer. 

The history of soap
In ancient times soap was used to clean 1 __________. Soap was not seen as a means of  personal hygiene until 2 _________times. Ancient people had little technology but many 3 were probably able to discover soap by chance. Soap was probably only used in 4 __________.societies. There is no evidence that tribespeople at the time of the British 5 __________. used soap. The history of soap has mostly been discovered from 6 __________.The earliest known use  of soap in 2500 Be was to wash 7 __________.The Egyptians made soap by mixing salts with oil taken from 8__________. The Romans saw washing themselves as a social activity.  They removed dirt using steam and a 9 __________.When Pompeii was excavated, they  discovered a 10 __________for making soap.

Answers1 clothing   2 modern   3 practical skills
4 wealthy   5 Iron Age   6 written texts   7 wool
8 vegetables   9 metal blade   10 soap factory