A Short Introduction to NeoEnglish System

One Year Completes after the Inception (Aghaaz) of NeoEnglish System. I started NEO last year on the day of my birthday. I started a network of 50 students and now they are more than twenty thousands across Pakistan.
My name is Muhammad Naeem. I am a Freelance English Language Consultant. I have an MA English (ELT) PGD-Linguistics. I am a teacher trainer and writer. I have served in Minhaj University, LACAS, American Lyceum, LGS and Beaconhouse. Now, I am teaching at UMT – University of Management and Technology and SKANS College in LAHORE.

I am EAGER and PASSIONATE to bring my students into the twenty-first century using a unique combination of COMPREHENSIVE LANGUAGE LEARNINGEXPERIENCE. I am a dynamic and challenging personality with special ability to motivate and communicate effectively with students. My main strengthens are: Communication Skills, IELTS, Creative, Technical Writing, Applied Linguistics and Syllabus Design.

I am a results-oriented ESL teacher committed to inculcating A PASSION FOR LEARNING, creating awareness through teaching the fundamentals of the English language. A strong talent to develop and implement creative, hands-on curriculum that reaches every student’s learning style and ability, thus empowering students to succeed and realize their individual language goals. I am a trustworthy and approachable individual with excellent communication skills to cooperatively work with students, businessmen and teachers to meet their language, professional and exam needs. I have a long experience in teaching English Language, IELTS and exam related jobs. I assure you a guarantee to LEARN and SPEAK English like a professional once you take up my system. Click for more info.


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