What should be the source of pleasure in life?

Happiness is something which is extremely desired. first of all try to consider the difference between “joy” and “happiness”. happiness is something which is religiously legal but joy counts each and everything either it is legal or illegal. it might be possible that you do not agree with this discrimination, but now modernization attributed new meanings to the terms. 

In this age of so-called prosperity, joy means greed of lasciviousness. Lasciviousness is going to be the source of joy now a days. Now materialism has gone deeply into the veins of human beings. spirit bad spiritual values have been neglected by the social classes. The classification of the people into different social sectors leads people toward avarice. Now lasciviousness and avarice are the two major issues which are enjoyed by the people. If we try to wipe out above mentioned psychological ugliness, real happiness can be achieved.

Now the question arises, how to be happy and satisfied?. Optimism is the major quality which leads us to success and success directly touches the real and inner happiness. Optimism is a belief system with three major components. First, the belief in your own power to make your life and future better. Second, the belief that negative events in your life are not permanent and personal, and third, the belief that positive events in your life are permanent, personal and pervasive. Optimism is our positive psychological quality which has a clear and obvious reflection on our faces. as Huxley said  “all our deeds and thoughts are visible on our faces” whereas pessimism is negative psychological phenomenon which is the product of our doubts, mistakes and lack of eemaan. pessimism leads us toward failure. What an old fellow has greatly said:-

pessimism is an excuse for not trying and a guarantee to personal failure.

Adoption of simplicity and allotment of contentment by ALLAH can also bring the true spirit of happiness. Lastly, be hard and strong enough to welcome all your cares with a smiling face. do not separate a room of excuses in your life. excuses are demons, you must learn to fight off if you wish to start living a happy and satisfied life. stop making excuses! you are the only one who holds the power to make a real difference in your life. only Islam can give us strength to face the hardships of reality. Islam is, will be and should be real actual source of happiness. may all of you live long in the state of eeman and enjoy the true spirit of Islam and happiness. 


By Alia Tabassum, Pakistan

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