English Tense: Present Perfect Continuous

English Tense: Present Perfect Continuous
(Subject + has/have + been + I form of the Verb + ing…)
In order to form the Present Perfect Continuous Tense, we put has been or have been before the Present Participle Form of the Verb:

It has been raining for two hours.
I have been flying a kite since 2 O’clock.
Has the gardener been watering the plants since morning? (Interrogative) She has not been dancing for an hour. (Negative)
The Present Perfect Continuous Tense is used to describe an action that began in the Past, is still continuing and may extend into the Future:
      She has been waiting for you for three hours.
They have been playing cards since 10 A.M.
This tense is also used to express an action in a sentence which begins with ‘For how long’ or ‘Since when’:
For how long have you been sitting here?
Since when has he been living in this house ?
This tense is also used to express an action which began in the past and has been just completed. However, its result is visible in the present:
I have been studying since morning and I am much tired now.
She has been washing the dishes for an hour and her clothes are dirty now.
Note: Since is used for a point of time.
For is used for a period of time.  

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