English Idioms – Casting Vote, Under a Cloud, Crocodile’s Tears

English Idioms – Casting Vote, Under a Cloud, Crocodile’s Tears

1.       Come of age (to attain maturity; to become major)
She will come of age next year.
2.       Crow over (to rejoice at one’s failure)
He crowed over his unsuccessful rival.
3.       Cut a sorry figure (to give a poor impression)
He cut a sorry figure in the debate.

4.       To come to grief (to fail; meet misfortune)
If you do not act upon my advice, you will soon come to grief.
5.       Come to light (be out)
This state secret will never come to light.
6.       To be caught red-handed (to be nabbed)
The murderer was caught red-handed by the people.
7.       To carry one’s point (win approval for one’s point)
Gifted with eloquence as he was, he often carried his point.
8.       Casting vote (decisive vote)
When votes of the two parties are even, the casting vote is with the Chairman.
9.       Cock of the walk (chief person; one without a rival)
He is cock of the walk in this circle.
10.   Make capital out of (to get an advantage from; to use for one’s own gain)
A selfish man always tries to make capital out of the misfortunes of others.
11.   A house of cards (an unsubstantial, insecure scheme)
This scheme of yours will collapse like a house of cards.
12.   To cut to the quick (to injure one’s sensibilities deeply)
His sarcastic remark cut me to quick.
13.   Crocodile tears (false tears of sorrow)
The step-mother shed crocodile tears at the death of the child.
14.   The carrot and the stick (hope of reward and threat of punishment)
He benefits from the carrot-and-stick approach.
15.   As the crow flies (in a direct ine)
We went to the lake, straight as the crow flies, through the fields.
16.   Under a cloud (out of favour; with a slur on one’s character)
He is under a cloud at present.      
17.   In cold blood (deliberately; with premeditation)
He was murdered in cold blood.
18.   Drive into a corner (force someone into a position from which escape will be difficult)
During the discussion, I drove him into a corner.
19.   Do away with (to abolish)
We must do away with worn-out, useless customs.
20.   Die in the last ditch (to fight to the last)
      They were determined to die in the last ditch.

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