English Idioms – Turn Tail, Stick to one’s guns and Safe and Sound

English Idioms – Turn Tail, Stick to one’s guns and Safe and Sound

1.       To set one’s face against (to oppose; to defy)
I always set my face against such a vulgar show of wealth.
2.       To stick to one’s guns (not to be budged from one’s position)
A man of determination always sticks to his guns.
3.       To show the white feather (to show cowardice)
The enemy showed the white feather and fled from the arena.

4.       To sit on the fence (to remain neutral)
He is adept in the art of sitting gracefully on the fence.
5.       Safe and sound (without any injury or harm)
We reached our destination safe and sound.
6.       Storm in the tea cup (great excitement over a trifle)
The protest of audience at the cheap joke of the speaker was only   a storm in the tea cup.
7.       Turn over a new leaf (change for the better)
He is sorry for all his misdeeds and has now decided to turn over   a new leaf.
8.       Turn tail (to run away)
On seeing a police-man, the pick-pocket turned tail.
9.       Turn a deaf ear to (to refuse the listen to)
He turned a deaf ear to my advice.
10.   Tooth and nail (with extraordinary fierceness)
The Hindus opposed the Pakistan Movement tooth and nail.
11.   Time and again (frequently)
The children have been warned about the danger time and again.
12.   Take exception to (to object)
I take exception to your remarks.
13.   To show a clean pair of heels (to flee)
As soon as he saw his enemy, he showed a clean pair of heels.
14.   To take a leaf out of one’s book (take advice; to learn a lesson)
We must take a leaf out of our Prophet’s (peace be upon      him)book to face the hardships bravely.
15.   To take with a grain of salt (accept a statement; but with some doubt as to its complete truth.)
We take most of what he says with a grain of salt.
16.   To take to one’s heels (to abscond; to run away)
After stabbing a man to death, Rashid took to his heels.
17.   Take a fancy to (to like; to have admiration for)
He took a fancy to Salma.
18.   Take by storm (make a sudden attack and win a victory)
The Muslim army took the enemy by storm and won a great victory.
19.   Through thick and thin (through every trouble or difficulty)
They followed their leader through thick and thin.
20.   To throw cold water upon (to discourage)
He threw cold water upon my plans by saying that they were impracticable.

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