IELTS Practice Tests: Academic Listening Section 3

Academic Listening
Questions 1-3
Complete the sentences. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.
1 Solar towers create energy from moving__________.
2 The first ever recorded use of this type of energy was in the__________.
3 The location of the first solar tower was__________.

Questions 4-8
Complete the flowchart. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.
Solar tower flowchart
Towers are built using extra strong 4____________. At the bottom they have a sunlight collector made of 5 ____________
spread over a large area of ground.
The sunlight collector warms the air beneath it and operates in a similar way to a 6__________________________.
The air 7 __________.through the tower causing the turbines to turn.
The turbines create
8 _____________megawatts of electricity.

Questions 9 – 10

Circle TWO letters A-E.
What are TWO disadvantages of solar towers?

A they are too expensive to run
B heat escapes from the solar collector
C they require a great deal of land
D they cannot produce electricity at night
E they need to be able to withstand high winds

Answers: 1 (columns of) (hot) air
2 seventeenth/17th century  3 Spain  9 and 10 B, E in any order

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