IELTS Practice Tests: Listening Section 4

IELTS Listening
Section – 4

Questions 1-2
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.
1 Health club membership in Europe
A has reached 36 million.
B has declined in recent years.
C has followed a similar trend to America.
2 If people today ate the same amount as their parents did
A they would gain weight.
B they would have more energy.
C they would feel healthier.
Questions 3-4
Choose TWO letters A-E.
According to the speaker which TWO factors have contributed to the change in our fitness levels?
A availability of better food
B different working conditions
C labour-saving devices
D changes in healthcare
E diets which do not work
Question 5
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.
5 Which of the following machines has been available for less than ten years? 

                 A                                               B                                                 C

Questions 6 – 10 

Which exercise method do the following statements apply to?
A using an elliptical trainer
B running on the road
C using a treadmill
Write the correct letter A, B, or C next to Questions 6-10 below.
6 The impact on the body is more than twice your own body weight.
7 The impact on the body is almost the same as your own body weight. S It has the same impact on the body as walking does.
9 It is the best method for losing weight at speeds over 14 kph. 10 It has the highest impact on the joints.

Answers:  1 C    2A    3 B    4 C    5 B  6 C    7A    8 A    9B    10 B

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