IELTS Band Formula

You will be given a mark between 0 and 9 for each of the 4 Sub-tests (there are no half marks in the Writing and Speaking Sub-tests). Your Overall Band Score is an average of the 4 Sub-test Band Scores, with fractional scores rounding up or down to the nearest x.0 or x.5 score (with x.25 and x.75 rounding up.)

Therefore, if you score

in the Listening Sub-test


in the Reading Sub-test


in the Writing Sub-test


in the Speaking Sub-test


Your total score is

By averaging the scores (dividing the total score 24.5 by 4) in the example above, you would achieve an overall Band Score of 6.0 (which is 6.125 rounded down).

the raw score.The overall score is the average of all 4 sections. If the average score is in
decimals, then it is rounded to the nearest half decimal. As an exclusion ,For writing section the half band is not applicable. It is illustrated as an example.

For example ,
In reading section ,if the candidate got 30 correct answers out of 40 questions, then his score in
Reading section is 7.

If a candidate got the following score in the 4 sections

Raw score achieved by the candidate in each section
Overall IELTS Score
33 out of 40
(7.5+7+6+8)/ 4

Rounded off  nearest half decimal
The final Score is
29 out of 40
23 out of 40
36 out of 40

What is Half Band?

The IELTS Score with Half decimal (0.5) is known as Half band score. Eg. 7.5 .
The IELTS Score without decimal is known as Full band Score. Listening,Reading &
Speaking is recorded in full band and Half band score .Writing is recorded only in full band

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