Student Loan: Lesson – 1

Student Loan: Reading

Student Loan Consolidation is an incredible scheme for the students studying abroad. A student loan is designed to help students pay for university tuition, books, and living expenses. It is different from other types of loans because the rate of interest is substantially lower and the repayment schedule can be deferred while the student is still in education. Consolidation occurs when someone pays off several smaller loans with one larger loan. Often the larger loan has a lower interest rate than the smaller loans.

Additionally the term on the loan is often longer which will lower the amount the consumer needs to pay each month. There are several types of consolidation loans available. One type of consolidation loan is a student consolidation loan. In order to qualify for a student consolidation loan you must have graduated from college. You will take all of your loans, from each year and lender and gather them into one loan. The consolidation loan will lock in the interest rate so that it does not continue to rise over time. A student loan has two major advantages over conventional loans – lower interest rates and easier repayment terms. Students Loan Consolidation is becoming increasingly common among overseas students.

Student Loan: Dialogue

Why have you planned to quit your studies?
You know that I cannot meet my study abroad expenses any more.
But that’s not an issue. You can get Student Loan Consolidation. There are many companies which can offer you one.
You are right but you know that my father passed away last month and my mother insists that I must get back to Pakistan to take care of the family.
That’s a good thing to do. However, if there’s anything I can do for you, just let me know.
Oh, thank you so much. You are already a great assistance to me.

Student Loan: Vocabulary
1.       Incredible
Beyond belief or understanding
2.      Expenses
Amounts paid for goods and services
3.      Substantially
To a great extent or degree
4.      Defer
Hold back to a later time
5.      Consolidation
6.      Pay off
Give money, usually in exchange for goods
7.      Term
A limited period of time
8.      Consumer
A person who uses goods or services
9.      Lender
Someone who lends money in business matters
10.  Conventional
11.   Increasingly
Too much; Advancing in amount or intensity
12.   Overseas
13.   Quit
Leave; give up
14.  Pass away
Die; give up the ghost
15.   Assistance
Help; aid

 Student Loan: Sentences

1.     You are an incredible man. (Tum Aik Lajawaab Admi Ho)
2.     He cannot meet his expenses nowadays. (Wo Apne Akhrajaat Pouray Nae Kar Sakta)
3.     These facts are substantially true. (Ye Haqaiq Bohat Had Tak Drust Hain)
4.     Please defer your wedding. (Apni Shadi Ko Muakhar Kar do) 
5.     You need Loan Consolidation. (Apko Apni Parhai Ke Akhrajaat Puray Karne K Liye Qarz ki zarroorat hai)
6.     You can pay off your debts when you have money. (Apke Paas Jab Paise hon, apna qarza Chuka Dijiye ga)
7.     You must pass your exam before this term ends. (Is Saal Khatam hone se pehle, apko apna imtahaan pass kar lena chhiye)
8.     Consumers have their own demands. (Sarif Ki apni zarooryaat hoti hain)
9.     I need lenders for my education. (Mujhay apni parhai k liye qarz dene walon ki zaroorat hai)
10. That is a conventional style. (Ye Aik Rawaiti andaaz hai)
11.  Computers are increasingly becoming common. (Computers bohat ziada aam ho rahai hain)
12. There are many problems for overseas students. (Ghair mulki talab ilmon k liye baday masail hain)
13. Quit his job if you don’t like it. (Agar ye nokri pasand nae hai to chor do)
14. My father passed away in 1993. (Mere walid unniso taranve mein fot huay)
15. I need assistance in English. (Mujhay English mein madad ki zaroorat hai)

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