Most Important Questions MA English (Part-1)

Paper (1): Classical Poetry

1. Chaucer’s art of characterization
2. Irony and satire in the prologue
3. Treatment of Ecclesiastical characters
4. Chaucer’s style and narrative skill
5. The Prologue as a picture gallery Continue reading “Most Important Questions MA English (Part-1)”


Chaucer’s Style and Versification

J.M. Manly avers in the Cambridge History of English Literature, ‘Fourteenth century was a dark epoch in the history of English’. This statement is both historically and linguistically correct when applied to the medieval period. Continue reading “Chaucer’s Style and Versification”

Romaticism in Wordsworth’s “Solitary Reaper”

Wordsworth came across a lovely maiden at work in the fields all alone during his tour of Scotland. Her lovely song and presence in a foreign language of some local dialect had a deep impression and moved the poet to compose these verses. Continue reading “Romaticism in Wordsworth’s “Solitary Reaper””