A Short Introduction to NeoEnglish System

One Year Completes after the Inception (Aghaaz) of NeoEnglish System. I started NEO last year on the day of my birthday. I started a network of 50 students and now they are more than twenty thousands across Pakistan.
My name is Muhammad Naeem. I am a Freelance English Language Consultant. I have an MA English (ELT) PGD-Linguistics. I am a teacher trainer and writer. I have served in Minhaj University, LACAS, American Lyceum, LGS and Beaconhouse. Now, I am teaching at UMT – University of Management and Technology and SKANS College in LAHORE.

I am EAGER and PASSIONATE to bring my students into the twenty-first century using a unique combination of COMPREHENSIVE LANGUAGE LEARNINGEXPERIENCE. I am a dynamic and challenging personality with special ability to motivate and communicate effectively with students. My main strengthens are: Communication Skills, IELTS, Creative, Technical Writing, Applied Linguistics and Syllabus Design.

I am a results-oriented ESL teacher committed to inculcating A PASSION FOR LEARNING, creating awareness through teaching the fundamentals of the English language. A strong talent to develop and implement creative, hands-on curriculum that reaches every student’s learning style and ability, thus empowering students to succeed and realize their individual language goals. I am a trustworthy and approachable individual with excellent communication skills to cooperatively work with students, businessmen and teachers to meet their language, professional and exam needs. I have a long experience in teaching English Language, IELTS and exam related jobs. I assure you a guarantee to LEARN and SPEAK English like a professional once you take up my system. Click for more info.

English Communication Skills For ACCA, CAT and CA Students

Background of the Course
Students and teachers can speak and understand English in a few situations. They studied basic grammar and vocabulary and are able to read newspapers and magazines in English. But they need more practice in listening and speaking so that they have the confidence to use English in inter-personal situations, networking events and receptions. Students and teachers require a system to improve their Communication Skills (Written and Spoken) while building more grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The ability to communicate effectively in different social and academic situations is lacking in many of
our students and teachers and this course was designed keeping in view of the issue in mind.

Course Description

This course is designed to provide you with the essentials of Professional Communication and Presentation Skills. The course encourages active participation to prepare the student to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be successful in Modern Communication and Presentation Situations. The course includes the basics of communication ranging from principles of communication to the necessary tools such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Further, the course develops into a more challenging context such as Presentation Skills, Business Letters and reports. This course focuses both the acquisition and use of communication skills in a variety of verbal and non-verbal presentation situations. In this course each student will have the chance to develop an individual and team presentations. They will acquire these skills through a variety of exercises and application techniques. This course is highly interactive and practical.
Course Objectives
The students of this course need basic communication skills, specific speaking and listening skills, interpersonal and group communication skills and listening competencies that will help them succeed in future courses and on the job. The following student outcomes represent the market expectations. Students will be able to achieve the following THREE skills:
  1. Understand Communication Skills as part of social and academic interaction.
  2. Write and present information effectively, logically and persuasively.
  3. Develop personality traits as part of an effective communicator.
My central and guiding focus is to constantly reinforce confidence in the students by concentrating on what works about the individual. This two-month program is a journey that begins by exploring the dynamics and techniques of effective interpersonal and written communication resulting in full connection between presenting and relationship building.

Course Outline

Course Information and Introduction to Communication Skills
And learning how to learn. FIVE Secrets to Learn a Language
Communication Skills, Linguistics and Study Skills
Communicating with Dictionary
Developing Vocabulary
Pronunciation and Phonetics
Listening Skills
Communication Planning – Audience and Objectives – Planning Business Messages
Principles of Communication
Speaking Skills
Public Speaking and Presentations Skills
Non-Verbal Communication – Body Language
Developing Reading Skills
Grammar, Structure, Style and Mechanics
Writing Skills
Job Application and Resumes
Job Interviews
Writing Business/Sales Letters/ The Art of Selling
Business and Technical Writing: Business Proposals, Memos and Meetings
Planning Business Messages – Memos, Meetings and Proposals
Report Writing
Research: Data Collection, Using Library Resources
Life Skills, Confidence, Motivation and Achievement

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New Book (TEFL) Teaching of English as a Foreign Language by Prof. Naeem

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a new book by Prof. Naeem. The book aims to teach new teachers the skills required to teach English in Pakistan. The book introduces major concepts of teaching English such as Behaviourism, Mentalism, Strucutralism, SLA and then goes down to English Language Methodologies. The books takes each language skill separately and gives valuable advice on how to teach Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Vocabulary and Grammar to the students of English.
The book is a great treasure for any one wishing to Teaching English. 
The book can be had from Famous Products (Pvt) Ltd.Urdu Bazaar, Lahore or from Famous Book Depot (Link Road) Model Town, Lahore.