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“NEO offers Fun and Action-Packed Trainings for Personal and Professional Development”

NeoTrainings provides Professional and Professional training workshops and seminars both in Open and In-house Customized Courses. We also publish Books, CDs and Training Materials for individual use. We specialize in presentation, public speaking and speech training, as well as teacher training to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills for professional success. 

We also provide Online and Onsite Trainings to fit the budget or timeframe of our clients. We will bring our Expert Trainers, Workshops and Seminars directly to you, anywhere in Pakistan. We specialize exclusively in Communication Skills and we provide the higest level of service to you and guarantee that your communication skills will boost dramatically because we use the most innovative Training Methods.

Areas of Expertise

1.  Communication Skills for Personal and Professional Impact
2.  Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
3.  Professional English with Resume Writing and Job Interview Skills
4.  Teacher Training
5.  IELTS and English Language Training
6.  Motivation and Success Coaching
7.  Sales Trainings

The Methodology

Our Workshops and Seminars are highly interactive, practical and participatory. We deal slightly with the theories of every discipline because we believe that practice without basic knowledge is futile; however, our workshops mostly involve the participants in the training process. As a result, the participants learn all aspects of target discipline from theory to practice. In our workshops, you will find yourself in a small group striving for professional development.  The main focus of the workshop is always YOU. You won’t listen to me all the time lecturing rather, you are going to participate in exciting games, role-plays, microteaching and learning simulations. After the training, you are going to become a Confident and Productive YOU.

Why are we different?

The most obvious difference is that you mentally get prepared even before the training starts. The more you are prepared, the more you benefit from the Training Session. After the training, we don’t say good bye to you. It is just the beginning because:

1.   You receive Free Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Grammar and other Educational
       Tips via SMS to your number daily.
2.   You get invitation to Free Trainings in future.
3.   You get a Training Booklet FREE
4.   You get a Training Certificate
5.   You get 50% Off in upcoming Trainings

The Trainer’s Profile

Mr. Naeem 
MA English (ELT) and PGD-Linguistics
CEO – Naeem Educational Organization)
Trainer and Language Consultant

Mr. Naeem is one of the certified linguistics trainers who has conducted highly inspiring and result-oriented workshops and seminars in an entertaining and empowering style. His purpose in life is to motivate teachers, professionals and students for maximum professional output. His training programs are charged with motivation and passion. His major areas of expertise are Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Teacher Trainings, Job and Interview Skills  and Motivation. His clientage includes SKANS College of Accountancy, UMT, AusPak and many organizations to name a few.  


1. “Mr. Muhammad Naeem is a fantastic teacher trainer. He’s extremely good in speaking as well as writing. Wonderful track record. “Superb information” Immense working towards exploring training techniques to people in easy way. If I say, He’s simply doing “Excellent, outstanding, wonderful, terrific, splendid, fabulous, amazing and marvelous job that would not wrong.”  October 26, 2010
Usman Butt, ACCOUNTS OFFICER, Shapes Pvt Ltd,

2. “I heartily recommend all the services rendered by Sir Naeem. He is a philanthropist, providing quality education through many resources.” 

Rida Fatima; a trainee.

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